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Hello! I'm Russel Nickson, an entrepreneur at heart turned Digital Business professional. With a rich blend of passion and expertise in new-age digital technology, I thrive on solving complex business challenges.

My journey has been across diverse roles, from Product Management and User Experience (UIX) to Business Consulting, all of which have contributed to my 12+ years of professional career in multiple leadership roles.

I believe in the transformative power of collaboration and technology. If you're keen on staying relevant with the latest industry trends, signup now to Digital Insight Inc. for free!

Otherwise, let's connect and embark on an exciting journey together explore partnerships opportunities, exchange industry insight or maybe just share a few laughs together. Cheers.

Russel Nickson @ Fintech Conference

Currently, as an Associate Director at Novac Technology Solutions, I'm in the dynamic FinTech & InsurTech sectors with Business focus on Lending, Insurance, Investments, and Asset Management, largely on Digital Transformation and enabling data-driven decisions for large Indian NBFCs.

My stint as a Product Manager at Brandenburg Ltd. involved pioneering patented IoT product developments for the smart product division of a 60 year old UK Firm, solving real-time pest detection and monitoring for agriculture & food industry.

My expertise in managing large-scale tech portfolios shone through during my tenure as Director of Product Management at Webdefy, where E-Commerce, Enterprise Applications, and Marketing Tech Software were my playground.

Armed with a Post Graduate degree in Business Management from IIM Trichy and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, my educational background perfectly complements my aspirations to lead new age digital-first businesses.

But there's more to me than just tech and business. Hailing from Pondy, I am an avid gamer and traveler, I find joy in exploring new horizons, both virtually and in the real world.

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